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Practice Areas

Nelson Forensic is positioned to provide our clients with the background, credentials, and experience necessary to guide and navigate them through challenging and troubled situations. We will provide you with case assessment and offer solutions to the challenges you are currently facing.
Digital Forensics


We assist clients with their Digital Forensic needs. Our Senior Digital Examiner holds the FEXCE and MCFE certifications and is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Texas.

Our Digital Forensic services include imaging and examination of computer hard drives, as well as cellphones and other mobile devices. We provide our clients with detail analyses, reports, and overviews to help them understand the relevancy of the artifacts found on subject media.


Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting services involve  examining digital media, reviewing business records and conducting interviews to completely understand the matter at hand. We have learned that what you don't find in papers records, or learn from an interview, you find it lurking in the bits and bytes of a computer hard drive or mobile device.

We have over 25 years' experience assisting clients where there are allegations of fraud and malfeasance. This experience includes being qualified to testify in State and Federal court.

Internal Investigations

When any organization finds itself addressing allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct, it is important to identify all of the critical issues first before leaping into action.

We work with clients to carefully navigate them through complex and sensitive matters, and providing the advice and skills to competently see the engagement to the end.

Asset Tracing


Often times, the path to locating hidden assets and ill gotten gains is a challenging endeavor. We frequently assist clients on matters such as this tailoring our investigative efforts to their specific needs.


We utilize commercial public records databases as well as State, Federal, and Local repositories to augment our efforts. Additionally we use sophisticated Link Analysis tools to illustrate how, when and by whom this collateral was misappropriated  and the means by which these improper acts were manifested.

Data Analytics

We assist clients gain a better understanding of the data they possess. We provide them with the insight they need to better understand trends and indicators of potential wrongdoing. ​

Using peer reviewed and industry accepted analytical tools, we can build dashboards and custom analyses to enable our clients to be more proactive in detecting misconduct. 

HR Investigations

We recognize that the Human Resources department of any organization has many responsibilities and often times finds itself addressing sensitive and confidential matters.  

We have assisted the HR function on several matters conduct discrete and confidential investigations where there are allegations of wrongdoing. We routinely advise our clients the importance of preserving digital evidence, especially under those circumstance where an involuntary separation has occurred.

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